Crypto Assets: Between Order And Chaos

Cryptocurrency is all about freedom.
Law means rules and order.

People don’t clamour for rules, but law keeps the society running.
Without law there would be chaos and it would be survival of the everyman for himself. The explosive popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased scrutiny from governments and the regulation is clearly evolving. Law is visibly struggling to grasp the new relations in our technology-dominated everyday life. There is a bunch of questions which are not regulated yet and therefore they require an adequate and full legislative initiations.

Recently US administration announced the Executive Order on ensuring responsible development of digital assets aiming at establishing uniform rules for digital assets, including protective mechanisms for investors and consumers.

Europe is a step forward with the Draft proposal for a Regulation on Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA). The Regulation has the great potential to reshape the European crypto industry providing legal certainty and clarity with uniform rules across EU.
If you are curious to know
– What is EU Digital Finance Strategy Package?
– Who would be ‘caught’ by MiCA?
– What legal taxonomy of tokens does MiCA envisage?
– Will the Regulation affect companies based outside Europe?
– What will be the meaning of the “passporting principle”?
– When is the proposal for regulation coming into force?
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Jenny Gancheva
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